Ali Kats Classic Car influenced guitars are the ultimate unique hand crafted guitar. Upto 165 hours can be involved with the manufacture of one of these Guitars. No where else in the world can you get something as special and boutique as this. The Surf Green 57 Chevy Belair was the first Ali Kat influenced guitar. Colour matched to the clients car, which had some original parts used on the guitar, Second up was the 1959 Caddy, with working Tail Lights, an original 1950s colour coded paint job, and extremely hard to find in this condition, was the Original dash script emblem.
The Belair Ali Kats are very popular with car enthusiasts at classic car shows, as are all the unique artistic master peices, that have been the feature in several media and TV articles.
The Ali Kat Classic Car Range
As with every Ali Kat shown on this site, if you are in the market for something totally unique and hand crafted (not cnc machined, or made from Billet !) then any of the guitar shapes or colours can be produced, or even manufactured from your ideas. It all starts with a little imagination, and that is the only limitation.