Craig Lowndes ltd Edition VF Holden Commodore Guitar
A friend of mine is fortunate enough to own one of the only 230 odd Ltd Edition Craig Lowndes signature model Holden Commodore cars. He approached me to come up with an idea to make a guitar to match his serial numbered #003 V8 Pride n Joy. I said sure , but cars of the 50s are a lot easier due to their fins and characteristics that make them stand out. So I took several shots of the car trying to come up with a design. Finally about two eeks later, as I looked down on the bonet to take a shot of the three black stripes, there it was .. the big bold front end. Something you would not forget as it intimidated  you as you looked in your rear view mirror and seen it filled with this very sexy front end. This is the most modern car design I have been commisioned to do, but has opened the floodgates to make an Ali Kat guitar to match anything from an Audi to a Subaru.. By now folks you must realise I can make any themed guitar for you.

So I contacted the V8 Super car team responsable for Craig, and sent some pictures. I get a call back from the tripple eight race team, "Lowndes Management, tripple 8 and even Craig himself are blown away by this guitar." Kool, I said, however, I would like permission to take it a step further, and literally make a V8 Super Car Guitar... They said absoloutely.. go for it..

so Currently working on THE V8 SUPER KAT. watch this space..
this guitar will make a very special Debut on April 30th , for the owners Birthday at a very special charity event .
video coming...
I am Also one of the Photographers at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. Looking to arrange something special with all involved at next years Clipsal in March
Also Blown away by the detail of this guitar,