1960 Caddilac Guitar
Completed as a prototype in 0ctober 2015
SOLD To Guitare Collection in France February 2016
As I continue my fasination of those magical fins and car designs of those cars of yesteryear, here is the latest car guitar. This car features an original 1960 Caddy light housing, and then i managed to locate two brand new original still in the box, 1960 Tail lens lights. the majority of the time was spent trying to make that fitting of the multi tapered light housing look right.
The tip of the Fin I managed to get was solid and too heavy, so i made an exact replica of it in aluminium, except it was hollow, so like on the original tail fin  the chrome blends into the light.
The side profile of the guitar before it was painted, looked like a shark ready to bite.. so hence the Shark airbrush work
Photo Shoot with Madz Winter