Ali Kat Flame Guitars
The First Flame Guitar made was the Vintage Flame.The idea with this model is that old vintage guitar parts are used. This alone make the guitar collectable due to the old original parts used. The Old Flame was the 4th Guitar made. is was fitted with an original 1956 P90 Neck Pick up. It had a flame cutaway, and flame F Holes. The paint job was old school flames with blue piped edging on the flames. The Candy paintwork gave holographic depth to the effect on the aluminium done by hand. The Guitar was sold to the UK.
The Cool 23 T BucKAT Flame
Custom made and painted to match this awesome 1923 Ford T Bucket Hot Rod

As with every Ali Kat shown on this site, if you are in the market for something totally unique and hand crafted (not cnc machined, or made from Billet !) then any of the guitar shapes or colours can be produced, or even manufactured from your ideas. It all starts with a little imagination, and that is the only limitation.