Players of the Ali Kats
Thank you ALL..
B.M.X Freestyle Legend Eddie Fiola
Presentation of Eddies Guitar Radelaide Dec. 2017
The Prototype BMX Guitar Radelaide Dec 2016

A  Band Called Twang July 2017
Prototype Engraved 57 Chevy

Kenpo Karate Master meets Blues master Chris Finnen Feb 28th 2016
Dueling Banjos Kenpo Guitar
House of the Rising Sun Kenpo guitar and Telekat

Chris Finnen
Stainless Steel Ali Kat 28th Feb 2016
The Tribal Dragon
On his Hawaiian Tuned Telekat
Busking on the Hub Kat
Busking on the Chevy Deluxe
Rockabilly Kustom Deluxe
1953 Ford Hub KAT
Wheeping Spell, Adelaide Guitar Festival 2014
Zing it Up and Down, from the Debut Ali Kat Album 
Letting Rip on the Natural finished Pitbull Chev
First Play on The Adelaide Crows Guitar
Test driving the Pitbull Chevy Deluxe before it goes to the USA
Rollin and Tumblin on the Golden Dragon
First play on an Ali Kat
First to play the Golden Dragon
First to Play the Bat Wing

Full Circle featuring 3 Ali Kat Guitars 28th Feb 2016
Baker Street. Maclaren Vale Rod Run 2016
Walk This Way

The Lincolns Leconfield Winery Dec 27th 2015
Move It

Raunchy Sugar   Dec. 7th 2015
Memphiz Kat Live Debut plus NEW 7 Chevy Bassman
Ali Kat Jam Session
BRAND NEW Chevy Bassman

Joe "Pep" Belcara Pickup Demo
Joe "Pep" Brian Setzer Style
Joe "Pep" The Mystery Train sound
demo with Various Artists

Ezra Lee and The Havoc Band June 16th 2015
Rockabilly Kustom Deluxe - Anzac Day 2015 Adelaide

Raunchy Sugar Rockabilly Kustom Deluxe April 19th 2015
Mclaren Vale Classic Vintage car parade

The Hi Boys (Australia) 5th Feb 2015
Rockabilly Kustom Deluxe -  Wanderers Car Show

Josh the PitBull of Blues Band (USA)updated
Rockin The Blues
The 30th IBC Blues Showdown, (Wet Willies Memphis)
Signature Pitbull Chevy Bonita Blues Fest Florida
Rockin The Blues on the Pitbull Chev Bonita Blues Fest Florida

Billy and The Headliners (Melbourne)NEW
Test Driving The Deluxe Chevy

The Pumpin Piano Cats  NEW
Victor Harbor Rock n Roll Weekend 2014

Natural finished Pitbull Deluxe Chevy (Aldinga)

Ronny Davidson
57 Chevy Bass

Peter Jenkins
Setting up The Natural Pitbull Chev
Setting up The Blue Pitbull Deluxe Chevy

CC Jerome and his Jetsetters (From The Netherlands)
Natural Pitbull Chevy Australia day 2014
Latest Pitbull Chev Australia Day
8 Minute Preview of a DVD featuring Jerome on the Chevy Belair
Kustom Kulture 2013 Chevy

TJ and The Twin Spinners
Natural Aluminium 57 Chevy Deluxe
Debut of Pitbull Chevy Bass, with Black Chevy (Coast Fm open Day 2013)

The Satellites (Adelaide)
Chevy Guitar  Wheatsheaf (Darren Hunt)

Steve Gregory (Satellites)
As featured on Channel 7, Today Tonight, Sept 2012
Steve takes 4 ali kats for a test drive
Steve on the Devil Guitar

Sweet Baby James Meston (Adelaide)
James verdict on the first play of an Ali Kat
First Play on the first two Ali Kats
Slide on the Blues acoustic
Boogie Chillun on Rockabilly Kustom
Telekat Launch
Blues Avenue, with Denis Surmon on Oriental Bass James on old Flame
Denis on Ali Kat Bass James on the Old Flame Kansas City
walkin blues, Slide guitar on the Rockabilly Kustom
slide blues on the new sunburst vintage guitar March 2013
A jam Session at the Gaslight Tavern with the Sunburst Guitar

The Lincolns (Adelaide)
3 Ali Kats at Yankallila Car show 2013
Long Black Train On the Sunburst
Going up The Country In Port Adelaide Sunburst Vintage
Australia Day 2013 with the Vintage Sunburst Guitar
Waikerie May 2012 Bass Guitar and Devil both first play
59 Cadillac with Tony Peters
Lucky 13 Devil guitar with Tony Peters
Jam Session in Melbourne Lucky 13 Garage
Back in the early days, prior to any gigs, All 3 Ali Kats

TONY PETERS (Lincolns / Sons of Sun)
This is actually the very first play of an ali kat guitar, not even finished..

Last Play on Devil Guitar before UK trip
Teaser Clip at John Reynolds Music Store
With John REYNOLDS fULL 55 min dvd

Lucky Seven Swing (Adelaide)
Vintage Expo 2012 Johnny B goode on Chevy Guitar
Vintage Expo 2012 Route 66 on the Chevy Belair

The Silverados (Adelaide)
Somebodys been Rockin my Boat, First Rockabilly Kustom and Acoustic

Tommy and the Lucky Strikes (From Melbourne)
First time Ever 3 Ali Kats on stage together

Ignition (From Melbourne) R.I.P Peter Mawson.
Lucky 13 Devil Guitar No. 2
Tribute to Peter Mawson

Hanks Jelopy Demons (Dave Cantrell) (From Melbourne)
Straight to the Electric Chair, on the Old Flame

Sonyta and the Incinerators (From Melbourne)
First Play on the 59 Caddy Guitar
Folsom Prison with Don Wycherly on The Oriental Bass
Jam Session, with Flame and first Ali Kat made

The Switchblades (Adelaide)
Australia Day with the Vintage Sunburst

Sons of Sun (Adelaide)
First time the first ali kat was played in public
Mystery Train On Green Telekat
Riders in the sky on original first Ali Kat

Itchy Fingers (From Melbourne)
Johnny B Goode on First Ali Kat Guitar
Matchbox on Rockabilly Kustom Feb 2011

The Go Getters (From Sweden)
Devil Made me Do it on 57 Chevy guitar
Mexico On Chevy Guitar
Mad Man Blues - Chevy
Hip Shakin Baby - Chevy
I fought the Law - Chevy
A song in Swedish - Chevy

Pat Capocci Combo (From Brisbane)
Lucky 13 Devil Guitar

Southbound Train (From Melbourne)
Oriental Double Bass and the Old Flame

The Rechords (From Melbourne)
The Invasion (Adelaide)

Adrian Whyte (From Melbourne)
The Vintage Sunburst Blues March 2013
First Play on the Cool 23 Hot Rod Flame Guitar
Devil Drives a Valliant on devil guitar
Pickin some Blues on The Old Flame
The Black Kat 57 Chevy Belair
1959 Katillac Guitar
Papparazzi on the Old Flame
ZZ Topon The Old Flame
Duelling Ali Kats Devil and the Old Flame
1098r Dukati
The Saucermen (Adelaide)

The Old Grey Mule (from the USA)
Backwater Blues Fest, 2012 Red Rooster Rockabilly Custom

The Detonators (Melbourne)
The old Flame Guitar

The Flattrakkers (N.S.W)
First play on the first Carazy Guitar Green 57 Chevy

The Jump Daddys (Adelaide)
Andy and the Rockets (Adelaide)
Uraidla Hot Rod Show, one of the first to play first Ali Kat

Sin and Tonics (Tasmania)
Rockabilly Rumble Ali Kat Phat Kat  DOUBLE BASS

Dirty Harry (Adelaide)
Green Telekat

Exit (Adelaide)
Firebird (Guitarist) (Melbourne)
Oriental Bass and  old Flame

Zepporama (Adelaide)
Live on 3D fm Paul and Neil with the Old Flame
Live on 3D fm on the Chevy guitar