57 Chevy Slimlines
As the Regular 57 Chevy Alikats, take a lot of time to make, and paint, I decided to design a Fender sized Chevy guitar that could turn around in half the time and work out 30 to 40 percent cheaper to buy. Ultra light weight and very affordable, From a natural finished aluminium Tornado Chevy, which has all the swirl effects, with or without a tremelo, then clear coat laquered with metal flake in the laquer, or a colour coded slimline to match your favourite chevy, you choose. There will be some engraving added to.
Regular 57 Chevy Alikat
Brand new
57 Chevy Alikat
57 Chevy Slimline
Tornado with Tremelo
Stock now available in France through our European Alikat Representetive.
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C.N.C Design and Engraving
Made Exclusively for our French Representetive, to distribute around Europe. The 57 Slimlines available in any colour and ready to order now..