I am very excited to release this range. Based on the now considered, Retro style Tables from the 50s and 60s. Still used in American Diners.

Introducing the Brand New Retro Series by Alikat Guitars
Made by Harmony in the 1950s, it had the edge trimming also influenced from the 50s dining tables. I said "that was cool"
I will make something to resemble this classic guitar.
When I returned to the UK over Christmas,I hooked up with blues guitarist, Vince Lee, he showed me an awesome Silvertone guitar from his collection.

Vince Lee`s Harmony Silvertone.
This is the Result..The First of the Retro Series.


Fitted with an original set of 60 year old D`Armond Gold Foil Pickups,from an original Silvertone Guitar.This Guitar is top of the range when it comes to the components used to custom build.   When the sunlight hits the metalic gold and orange paint it just bursts in the sunlight.
Next in the range is the ever popular Alikat 57 Chevy guitar, Re-designed.
Instead of welding on the hand made trims on the face of the guitar, I have created a program to C.N.C. machine the whole face,lowering the surface by upto 1mm, leaving the two trims raised. The Aluminium retro trim then gets shaped around the outside, and then fully chrome plated.

For those not liking a tremelo arm maybe this one is for you.
I was after a V style Tailpiece, but unfortunately Gretsch have them on thier Streamline guitar, and they are not available anywhere to buy, only as a warranty item...
so.. I wanted one, I had to C.N.C Machine one.. Using a 3D design and after about 3 hours of machining and Polishing,I created the Alikat V Tail piece. ONLY AVAILABLE ON AN ALIKAT,I can play that game too.. besides no one would be prepared to pay for what it costs in time to machine this, polish it and have fully chrome plated. I have also had one 22ct Gold plated..

This my friends is the  57 RETRO V TAIL.
These are a brand new design for 2020. Initially made to go to the Mecum car auctions in the U.S.A. Unfortunately Covid stopped all that.