One Off, Prototypes, or just plain awesomeness.
right here,
South Australia AFL Football team The Adelaide Crows.
I had special permision to make this.
The Rockabilly Rusty Rat.
Made from mild steel, thrown in the sea, a patina added and to this day it continues to rust. My brother designed the Rat, I had it laquered and pin striped. Very Early Alikat this one.
The Tribal Dragon, had a 4 pigment iridescent paint job. Massive amount of welding on many seperate pieces. Wiring it up was also interesting.
Wooden Pallet Alikat. Thought I would make a guitar from wood as people get very particular about wood vs metal. So I took a wooden pallet and made this. Made the body then cut out the middle and fitted the wood, this guitar used Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Brass and Wood. Sold to the USA.
Ltd. Edition 57 Chevy Street fighter
BRAND NEW Slimline chevys
Antique Copper
Gold LP
Quasar Blue without pinstriping
Quasar Blue with pinstriping