In 2018 I finished a special all aluminium finished double bass, heading to the UK. I decided to make its little brother. scaled down x3, and fitted with UKE Bass strings, amped up through a Violin pickup, this little fella, sounds exactly like the full sized version, just makes me laugh everytime I hear it.
Everything hand made, and cnc machine cut.
Shaped the scroll by hand with a dremel.
Added an effect to the aluminium then had a candy emerald green paint job done.
After wiring the edge both sides, adding a full sized bass end pin and of course an 8 ball, it worked out almost as long to make as the real thing.. I still have it, I love it, maybe a serious offer would make you the owner... just maybe..
Oh... and the Hot Tub, yep that is also coming as an Alikat guitar soon...