Mercedes AMG GTR
AMG GT R Coupe Specifications
Handcrafted 4.0L AMG V8 biturbo.
577 hp @ 6,250 rpm. Power.
7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT dual-clutch rear-mounted transaxle. Automatic transmission.
3.5 sec 0-60 mph **

The top and bottom of the guitar, has been taken from the exact blueprint ariel view. but to lean the sides and front end back, took an incredible anount of hand shaping and forming on the English Wheel.
The concept behind this design, was to make prminent the front grill. So to do that I laid it back slightly so it would be the first thing you see, just like looking in your rear view mirror and being intimidated by the size of this front end filling your mirror. the Hellfire green is just an incredible green.
Front grill designed, machined shaped, then chrome plated.
To pick out the details on the roof, the top pickguard is actual carbon fibre, and is the exact shape looking down on the windscreen, the glass roof and back window. The pickup surrounds to simulate the glass roof, was machined from smoked acrylic and engraved with AMG . etc..
Pre paint
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$7500.00 Australian
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