By far , the sexiest looking Alikat once completed, BUT.. Expect upto a year to have one custom made. there are hours and hours of shaping, welding, grinding etc that goes into these. That`s why I have only made four.
I would love to have one for myself for show, but thats probably a dozen guitars worth of time involved.

I have made Number 05. the world`s smallest Micro Double Bass
The Second Ali Kat Double Bass was the Oriental Kat. To Celebrate 25 years in American Kenpo Karate, I decided to make this special Bass, Yin and Yang F Holes, temple influenced cut aways, and of course the hand carved Dragon head, Carved in China by a craftsman over 4 days.The Tail Piece was the shape of the Kenpo Crest, and the text was cut by hand with a jig saw, says Kenpo Karate. Both Bass`s are examples of the kind of design or theme you can have made.
The 3rd Bass was the Hell Kat Bass, sent to the UK. Aluminium Body, Neck and Scroll, Ebony Fretboard.
The last full sized double bass, went to London. It was kept in Aluminium finish and clear laquered. I Designed and c.n.c machined lots of cool parts, including the tailpiece.
Just prior to finishing number 04, I made a scaled down version, which is the smallest aluminium Micro Double bass in the world, as far as I am aware. It is now painted emerald candy green and looks insane.