Not only world renowned for the most incredible hand crafted aluminium guitars, but in association with Alikat Guitars, we offer a C.N.C, Design,engrave and cut service, using state of the art Roland machines. We can also carve and cut wood designs on our custom built C.N.C. router.
Along with our C.N.C Mill, full sheet metal and welding facilities let us bring your bespoke design to life.

Alikat also has a top of the range Epson Direct to Garment Tee shirt printing machine that also runs in association with Alikat Guitars.

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About Alikat

Hi, my name is Dave Gartland,
a sheet metal worker from Plymouth , Devon in the UK. I migrated to Adelaide South Australia with my family in November 2008.

As a class 1 sheetmetal worker / welder, my trade was on the high demand list, so I was sponsered by the government on a STNI Visa.

We came here with no where to live, no Schools for the kids, and no jobs. The small amount of furniture , and tools were on route and due to arrive 3 months later. we had around $10,000 to our names.

Now we are fortunate enough to live near one of Adelaide`s finest beaches in a 4 bedroom house we custom built.
custom, with a purpose built 3 phase workshop, and a purpose built guitar assembly room.
I have out grown the workshop, and had to sub divide the garage to house the Direct to Garment Tee shirt printing machine and stock.

Since the first Rockabilly Double bass I made in 2009, I have made around 150 guitars, bass`s, ukeleles and prototypes.

         but how it began.....

The first thing I made in Adelaide, was a 3/4 sized wrought iron double bass sculpture.
I was working with a company here in Adelaide, called Signature Stainless. We made high end ballaustrading, pool fences, hand rails etc. This was one of Scott Salisbury show homes with all our work. The interior designer got to know about the skeleton bass I made, said this show home is a music themed house, with grand piano etc etc.. we are looking for a sculpture to go under the stairs. I said " Sure I can make you one" she said, in 3 days? ah... not really.. so that is where it is to this day.
After the Skeleton bass sculpture, I did get asked to make two more, one for a friend, and one my wife asked for which is displayed in our hallway.

This got me thinking, I need to make a real double bass, after all I have a passion for Rockabilly, and have done since I was at school. Still DJ`n around the place when required.

So I began making an Aluminium PHAT KAT Double bass. In September 2009 at the Victor Harbor Rock n Roll Fest it made a debut with the Satellites.
Not stopping there... I felt I had to make a rockabilly style guitar.Influenced by a Gretsch I made the very first Prototype Alikat Guitar number 000. I still have, seen here together with it`s big brother.
Andy (Seymour) and the Rockits. One of the first appearences at Uraidla hot rod show 2010
The Saucermen, were basically the first band to play it live.
Alikat 003 was an acoustic guitar
In the Beginning there were just 3 Alikats.. The Twin to the Prototype was the Rockabilly Red Rooster.
The Red Rooster
So I turn up at the Gilbert St Hotel one Sunday afternoon, local blues guitarist Sweet Baby James Meston is playing. I walk in with two guitars and ask him to play, he is totally blown away and tells me in all the years of playing, that is the blues sound he has been looking for !
I thought after the Rockabilly guitar, there was something missing, FLAMES!! yes, hot rod flames, and taking that a step further, i would go source original 50s guitar parts. I managed to get an original 1956 P90 pickup, and original wiring loom. Great lets make an actual flame cutaway guitar.
Alikat 000. First ever Alikat Guitar
By now, I had met Troy of Nightmare Designs (Now ND REFINISHERS) at Lonsdale, he is a master with airbrush and paint. He did the oldschool flame design, on top of the sanded effect I had put on the Aluminium. This with the candy paint gave a holographic effect.

as with all the guitars above, check out the VIDEOS of them being played.
Since about 2015 I have invested into C.N.C Machinery, I have now 2 Roland engravers, a C.N.C Mill, and two C.N.C Routers. Incorporating Alikat C.N.C the detail now on all the Alikats is on a different level. Designing custom bonet emblems, badges, just about anything that is featured on the actual car that I have been consigned to replicate as a guitar. I can also then have the parts chrome plated or 22ct gold plated, I guarantee if you are ordering a 200 hour $8000.00 build, you will actually be getting a $10,000 guitar.
from solid billet, Alien C.N.C machined