Mirror Polished and Engraved Stainless Steel LP Style
As I have specialised in all metals over the years, in Particular Stainless Steel as well as Aluminium, these Polished 1.2mm thick hollow bodies sound as good as they look.
There are several options, Mirror polished only with regular chrome or gold hardware, Mirror Polished only with these unique chameleon plasma depostion finished parts, or all of the above but with an engraved body. So prices vary too.
The first Stainless steel Alikat I made back in 2016. Listen to how that sounded. Chris Finnen fell in love with that metal delta blues sound that stainless stell has going on.
The first Stainless Steel Alikat with Gold Hardware, No engraving.
Beatifully finished machine heads
Uniquely Arched top and back. Not the easiest to do in Stainless Steel
This was a design I did for the engraving, This can take many many hours to make it look and flow correctly, You do not have to have this engraving. Something in particular, a name, a promotional name as a gift maybe, anything that I can engrave I will for you. Even as a milestone birthday or anniversary engraved with their name. A keepsake forever.
Did you know, Stainless Steel is a wedding gift for an 11th Wedding Anniversary?
Or what about for a silver anniversary? it is silver after all..
As I have to get these stainless steel tops and bottoms laser cut, I am going to run a promotion for the first 5 guitars.Lets have a chat and customise your Stainless Steel Guitar.
Prices :
Polished St/St No engraving /regular hardware from $3800.00
Polished St/St No Engraving / Chameleon Harware $4200
As above. Polished with engraving and the chameleon hardware.
Price for model shown $4500.00
Price might vary on engrave design that you choose, depending on time involved.

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