1989 Batmobile inspired Alikat Wing Guitar
This one of a kind wing, was the result of a concept idea I had about 8 years ago. I had made an MDF template, but never went any further. I actually have many designs at that stage. Back then I had made the first Alikat Bat wing guitar from 2014
Recently in 2021. I took my original 66 batwing concept and made the design on the cad program, followed shortly after by a 2nd prototype 66 wing, that I modified slightly. At the same time, due to the amazing internet response, I dug out the original MDF 89 wing and totally revamped it into the computer. HOWEVER... As I never had the amount of C.N.C. Machinery back then as I do now, I took it a step further with a few other nice detailed touches, including the one of a kind baterang tailpiece and batman jack plate..
Many hours of shaping , welding and smoothing involved on these conical curves, Front AND back
The bottom curve from the back of the wing, where the jack plate is, was representing the curve up over the wheel arch, and the two front cuttaways on the guitar, are the two front fender arches on the front of the car.
Batman carved out of the headstock
1966 AND 1989 "Inspired".

The 1966 Batwing value $6500.00 Aud.
The 1989 Batwing $7500.00 Aud.
Totally a Custom order
I have at least 3 other cool concept ideas too ..
maybe one day..

The previous Prototype made recently was a custom order. Check it out here..
Special thanks to Gotham Collectables here in Adelaide for the use of the Car.
Spiderman build
click on the picture