10 years ago I made the first Alikat to incorporate working tail lights, it was indeed the iconic 1959 Cadillac. It was infact guitar number 10, so to celebrate it`s 10th anniversary, I have re designed a new model that is in progress. One addition is the C.N.C designed and machined billet light holder. That`s all I am saying, apart from there only being 10 of these made to the same spec. the one in progress is a prototype so number 000,
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Hours and hours gone into R&D, with this design. Everything comes apart, the original 59 caddy design, had the cones that hold the light bezels, welded to the body. I made a housing that was cnc machined from 20mm billet aluminium. the holes were machined for the LED lights.
The pickguard is made from aluminium, with the machining marks left for extra kool-ness. plenty of custom engraving all over the body, plates and panels.
Custom 3d machined and engraved Alikat Caddy emblem. Polished then 22ct Gold Plated
I rarely put prices , mainly because of the vast variations in designs, time and detail, but this is a fixed price of $10.000 Australian dollars (approx. $7500.00 USD) there is over 200 hours in this guitar. This prototype has been left and laquered in various aluminium finishes, and a black n white tuck n roll edge and neck. You can order any colour you like. Remember apart from the prototype, there will only ever be 10 like this made. A true collectors item and investment for the future.
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Price for one of these Ltd. 01-010 Guitars is $9000.00
the Prototype 000 can be available at the right price.
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