1968 Ford Shelby Mustang 350GT
Without any doubt, one of the most iconic muscle cars ever built,  The Ford Mustang.
Along the Mustang journey there were some very special models built.
The Fastback model has some very sexy curves, from the front to the back. I wanted to feature the back end this time in a guitar.
This design has more curves than a rollercoaster. and upto now is a one off, that means, so far everything has been made old skool... no C.N.C cutting, no patterns no templates, literally shaping and fabricating as I go.
The first part was the shape of the top of the guitar, the roof into the back window.
Forming using a sand bag and old English Wheel. This work hardens the aluminium, gives it a distinguished sound, but the curves are too much in order to mount a bridge etc on, so the front part has to be annealed.With the front part softened I can re shape it to flatten off a bit , like the roof.
Next was the task of offsetting the sides and twisting them as I go, i wanted to pick up on the step down from the bonet scoop to the bonet then steps down to the side fenders / Wings.
Another MUST HAVE is the rear up swept spoiler, so I had to weld and shape that. Then adding a second curved back after that. Run some lines down the centre to align the pickup and bridge positions.
As we know, getting parts made or shipped at the moment is almost impossible, so as I am waiting on necks, i used one of the gibson style necks, and re shaped the toe of the neck to fit the contour of the neck pocket on the guitar..
Next MUST HAVE are the air intakes on the side of the car. I probably spent more time on these than making the ruddy guitar....lol..so this is where the first part of maching comes in, I wanted to have these as a bolt on, but nut inserts are not any good, so I turned down a couple of little threaded aluminium pins to weld to the back of the intakes, so can be bolted from inside the body. (bare in mind upto now STILL no back welded on the guitar)
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