This stunning showstopping car from Tupelo, Mississippi was the inspiration behind this incredible matching metalic cherry black guitar.
Fitted with an original (working) tail light. This design was  a result of many , many months of design, and an introduction to some brand new techniques on an alikat guitar. The customer wanted to match the interior tan leather. so I cut most of the back out, and made a removable bead rolled back panel that picked up on the pattern of the interior seats. The colour themes were the cherry black, chrome and the leather. The 3D C.N.C machine alikat designer caddy badge, along with the original light housing were all restored and re chromed. The scratch plate also custom made, engraved and chrome plated. The epiphone quick release pickups and wiring, were a dream to install. This truly is a stunning piece of work, destined to proudly sit with the car as together they pull in the crowds and more trophies.
Pickup surrounds, Truss Rod cover and other covers were all CNC engraved and machined in a matching tan leather look finish.
This is an $8000.00 Australian. Build. (now I know what is involved)
Approx. $6000.00 USD.