The Dreamworks Alikat 55 Chevy
With many, many projects, prototypes and designs constantly on the go, here is a recently completed front end Chevy guitar. This one I am very excited about.

The Dreamworks Garage
1955 Chevy

Designed and made by Alikat Guitars,
Painted by Dreamworks Garage,Adelaide.

Bulge in the bonet , shaped using english wheel, sand bag and tapered dollies..
Interested in a front end Style Chevy Guitar?
Prices between $7500 and $8500 Australian
Contact Dave
I have literally had the picture on the screen and drawn around the front grill, turning those lines into CAD machining code. I took the profile of the front end and designed a 3D machined two parts bumper.
To fit the front grill, I had to then also design a housing to weld into the body so the grill would sit into it. Along with the larger headlamps and several other little details going on, this one , just like the truck in the rear view mirror, Be very intimidating to look at in the rear view mirror.
Dreamworks Garage, currently have the only public display of Alikat Guitars that are available to buy. They are a car restoration business, that are equally passionate about raising funds for numerous childrens charities. It is a pleasure to see the Alikats displayed in their purpose built walk in 50s style shop.
To showcase the work of both Alikat Guitars and Dreamworks Garage, Owner John Dente took the aluminium body in and gave it a special dreamworks tea green metalic finish, to match their workshop custom display 1955 Chevy Truck.
The Custom CNC Machined and chrome plated V tail, tailpiece is another Alikat design, as they are not available unless you buy a Gretsch, I came up with my own design.. ONLY used on Alikat guitars.. two can play that
Plenty of personalised engraving to combine Alikat and Dreamworks.
50s dice inlay neck, Tonerider classic pickups, 4 working headlamps. Custom made Pickguard,custom made and chromed Dreamworks logo headstock badge.
This is the perfect show stopping working display piece for any collector, man cave, musician or not... and now.. restoration garages are getting involved, so we showcase each others work, yes... I am happy to make the guitar, if you want to paint it, get it back to me, and I will finish it off...have a think if this option suits you.