The First Guitar I Made was the Rockabilly Kustom No. 000. Had a pretty average paint job so was pin striped By Sam "tiki" Harrison here in Adelaide. The idea was to build a Rockabilly Guitar, based around the classic 50s Style shape that many Rockabilly bands seem to use.
At the same time I made the Red Rooster, and the Blue Acoustic Ali Kat, The Rooster I mirror Polished and had the Candy paint work done by Troy of Nightmare Designs, Bingo,, I had found my painter,
Sweet Baby James Meston Played the Guitars and was blown away by the unique sound that as a Blues Player had been searching for..
The Saucermen were actually the first Rockabilly band to play it Live
The Rechords from Melbourne
Available from $3500.00 with Bigsby and a Killer paint Job
Itchy Fingers from Melbourne.