Back in the mid 1970s, My Dad was a crazy DJ in the UK, known as THE DUDE, I used to announce songs for him even back then. I grew up with 50s and 60s music, I was just born about 20 years too 15 years ago I started DJing with some of the coolest trax I had been collecting since the late 70s. The Crazy Dude, rubbed off on me, there is nothing worse than someone calling them self a DJ, just standing there playing tunes, you might as well plug in an iphone,, or do as some other cheats do.. DJ from your laptop.. I have used a laptop on special events, outside of the normal Rockabilly and Rock N Roll I am known for.. But not all Night, I also sometimes play some of my Rare Vinyl for that real authentic Feel,When We moved to Oz, I met up with a guy who has become a best friend, he was from the UK, and like me knew that over there the DJ was as important as the band, he or she would introduce the band, get the crowd going before in between and after the bands.. a concept they don`t seem to understand here.. I mean really understand...
As A photographer since I was 8 ,it was easy to combined two passions. I have had the privelage off working with some great bands from both the UK and here in OZ.
I am available for Most Genres except DUFF DUFF , so do not even ask...
Specialising in the European Rockabilly and Rock N Roll Music, as I am in constant contact with many of the bands,promoters and record companies.
I will be adding more soon.. meanwhile use the same email or contact number if you would like to Book The Midnight Rocker
Themed Parties, Rockabilly Events, Rock N Roll Clubs, Hot Rod Shows, Parties, Weddigs, Birthdays, MC work or to back your band  Tel. 0450805778
The Devil Logo, I used for many years in the UK alongside felllow Midnight Rocker John Neale. This was the inspiration for this guitar,