The Kenpo Kat
To celebrate my 30th year in the Art of Ed Parkers American Kenpo Karate, I made this totally one of Kenpo Crest guitar. To Debut this guitar, 10th Degree Black Belt and Grandmaster in the art of Ed Parkers Kenpo, Master Richard "Huk" Planas flew in from New Orleans prior to his tour of New Zealand. Mr Planas has been a guitarist probably longer than he has been a martial artist, but also very talented in setting up and preparing the frets etc. I learnt a lot during the 4 days he stayed with us. Both in Kenpo and guitar.
My aim was to have our own master of the blues guitar Chris Finnen, have a jam session with Master Planas. As a bonus I invited another adelaide icon, Johnny Mac (o.a.m) to come join in the priceless time we shared together.
The guitar was then played and shown to the world for the first time on February 20th at our Aldinga Kenpo club.
The Time spent with Mr Planas, Chris Finnen and Johnny Mac, then to have all my students be a part of this special night, was a very special time in my martial arts and Ali Kat Journey. This guitar is one of my top Few I will never sell. However this is another example of a themed guitar you could have made is my karate site.