I would Like to officially Acknowledgeallthose that have been involved one way or another with Ali Kat Guitars.
Please be patient .. I have to redo this page, somehow lost the first one, which was pretty much up to date.
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Thank you all so much !
the journey continues..
Billy Mostyn Jr. of Guitar parts Australia
Billy was the first person I emailed , when I decided to make the first guitar. He has Guided me through from day 1. I regularly use his own Mostone Firetron pick ups. My Original designed necks he has made for me.Billy`s FAther was guitarist with Lonnie Lee in the 50s. He also makes stunning Lap Steels.
Troy at ND Refinishers. Troy is reponsible for almost every Painted Ali Kat. His Airbrush work is Awesome
The Satellites. The first Band to ever play an Ali Kat, was Steve Mitchell of the Satellites. at the Victor Harbor Rock n Roll Weekend Sept. 2010
The Lincolns, Tony Peters who was the Founder member also of Sons of Sun, was the first person to actually strum on the first Ali Kat Guitar during manufacture. The Lincolns including Lee Williams and Darren Alison on bass have all played the original first made Kats and continue to debut any new projects.
The Saucermen. Actually the day I assembled the first Ali Kat Guitar, The Saucermen were playing that very night. Sothe First to actually play the first guitar assembled was Stephen O"Malley, then Chris Hayne played one of my favourite hits, Mule Skinner Blues later that night.
Channel 7, Today Tonight. Lucy Polkinghorne did a great job on featuring the Ali Kats on Prime Time TV. Steve Gregory from the Satellites came and played the Chevy.
Tommy and the Lucky Strikes, Melbourne. The first Time that 3 Ali Kats appeared on stage together.

The Rechords, Melbourne. These Guys played 3 Ali Kat instruments, during a mini tour around Melbourne.

Adrian Whyte, Melbourne. Adrian runs a studio in Melbourne and also teaches guitar and piano. He is one of the most talented finger pickin guys I have had the pleasure to meet, He has tested and demo'd many of the Ali Kats, and flew over to be filmed for Channel 10 , totally wild show. check him and his current band out.

Street Machine Car Magazine Out of the blue I get a call from the Editor to feature my car guitars in their Rocktober edition, great double page spread, thank you ,  

Adelaide Crows Football Club. By Kind special permission, and with written concent, to make a Crows Theme Guitar.

Sweet Baby James Meston, One of the finest blues guitarists I have had the pleasure to meet. James said after playing the first Ali Kat guitars, he had been searching for this unique sound for years. I am currently working on a new signature SBJ Blues Kustom guitar.
The Go Getters, came to Adelaide, picked up the 57 Chevy guitar and played the whole set with it. AWESOME..

Dean Wadkins,of Pin Head Garage
Craaazy Pin striping and signs.

Johnny Mac (OAM). Adelaide`s living Legend, Johnny is the luvliest person you could wish to meet. He had Elvis Presleys cadillac here in the 80s. spent quite a bit of time with him, he was totally blown away by the Ali Kat Guitars

Daniel Stone Auto Refinishers. Fast reliable and un believable paintwork. 41 Chapman Road, Hackham SA 5163 - 0405 500 471