Ali Kat C.N.C Carved - Engraved Guitars
As I have all my designs drawn up as blueprints, all my pickguard,truss rod covers, surrounds etc. I can basically change the dimensions, the scale or sizes to suit.
The very first Design I cut on my C.N.C Router was my LP Style body. I took three pieces of the best grade ply wood, laminated them together , and run the test, while the body was being precision cut, one of my Roland c.n.c engraving machines was very intricatly engraving and aluminium infil panel. Although the engraving went through the night, the result was amazing.
Next was too take the exact sized aluminium 57 chevy and turn it into wood. So from a solid slab of pine, no joints, I did a prototype 57 Chevy. again absoloutely stunning.
Next was to take everything and scale it down to approx 29cm high 41cm long and roughly 4cm thick.
Although a juniour sized body, with the correct infil panel we can create anything from a half scale 3/4 scale or full scale design. Even a Bass would be possible no doubt.
The concept I have is, along with my design of various interchageable pickup surounds and adapter plates, the infil panel can also be interchangeable. So if you have a panel set up with a humbucker but fancy a P90 arrangement, just swap it over. OR how about the option of the body/neck and panel with no hardware no pickups and you totally fit it out with whatever you like.
Currently in stock is Australian Jarrah and white Rosewood.
Price of wood is certainly a lot more than Aluminium and a lot harder to source.

first twelve orders
Jarrah body aluminium engraved infil panel at a below trade price
Rosewood body Aluminium Engraved infil panel
guitar is complete with choice of scale and neck design.
all individually numbered

01 SOLD (Queensland)
02-12 Available
just 20% deposit required.
Jarrah Jnr. Chevy
Rosewood Jnr. Chevy
Pine Jnr. Chevy
Oak Jnr. Chevy
Ash Jnr. Chevy
Red Gum Jnr. Chevy
Red CedarJnr. Chevy
Junior Chevys
Engraved custom guards and surrounds and more.
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