Ali Kat Guitars are please to announce a range of Stainless Steel Mirror or Satin Polished Pick Up Surrounds and Bling for your guitar.

There are heaps of Cheap Chinese Chrome surrounds out there that do your pride and joy no shiny favours at all. I have been making some standard designs as well as some exclusive tight fitting surrounds, for example how bad does a rounded corner humbucker look in a rectangle hole.
There are many in progress, from adapter covers that will convert a Humbucker to a Single coil, or maybe from a P90 to a Humbucker. Various fixing hole spacings are also available. The Replacement Neck Plates are mirror polished and will not fade or tarnish and are perfect to engrave on.
My own unique Ali Kat Logo Truss Rod covers are very classy, and as with all the surrounds, I still have to sand, linish,drill and polish each one by hand.

Chinese Chrome , with ugly non radiused corners
NEW Alikat Design, engineered to fit perfectly in a Humbucker Surround
NEW Alikat Design, in a P90 Shape, with standard P90 Hole spacings

many more comin, and also available now
please ask