The most recent guitars have all hit those magical serial numbers from the 1950s, like the  Number 056, TheMemphiz Kat, Number 059, the  1959 Caddy and this one . Number 057 The 1957 Chevy Bass. his one I said to Troy the Painter, it marks the special journey in the numerical Katalogue of the Ali Kats, so take free range on how you paint it, and Wow,,, paint it he did.. it looks as unique as it sounds.
The metal flake paint totally changes colours as the light hits it.
This one is fitted with an active seymour duncan pre amp which has every sound from a booming bass to a metalic sound through the seymour duncan bassman pick up. The Whole front panel comes off gaining access to all electrics.
if you wanna order one... get in touch... HERE
Ali Kat #057 The1957 Chevy Bass Man